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Keywords: Public Policy, Environmental and Water Policy, Social Network Analysis

My research focuses on the design of institutions created to manage transboundary water resources. I combine institutional and social network analysis tools to understand how institutional design affects and it is affected by interactions among policy actors.

Water Governance in the Lower Chubut River Valley

Governing water in one of the most productive agricultural valleys in Patagonia

The Lower Valley of the Chubut River in Argentina is the second most productive region within Patagonia, providing almost half of the agricultural production of the Chubut province while concentrating over 60% of the province's population.

In the Lower Valley, 5 municipalities coexist along with farmer and ranchers, sharing water from the Chubut river to satisfy their needs. As with most of Patagonia, many of the natural resource policies in the region are often uncoordinated at both the national and subnational levels. This project is a collaborative endeavor with the Red Ecofluvial de la Patagonia to  study the water governance structure of the Lower Valley, as well as to propose alternatives for a sustainable management of the resources in the region.